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Frank Harrison is a highly experienced and entrepreneurial professional with expertise in strategic marketing, credit analysis, operations strategy, and business development. He’s also an epilepsy sufferer — and he’s made it his mission to dissolve myths and misconceptions surrounding the condition, empowering others to make the most of their lives just as he has, particularly when it comes to handling healthcare challenges and treatment options.

After graduating from NYU Stern School of Business, Frank spent the early years of his career with powerhouse companies such as Citibank, MetLife Insurance, and Sony Music Entertainment, and he earned his MBA from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business. He then returned to his undergraduate alma mater, NYU, to earn his Master of Arts degree in Psychology and his MS in Integrated Marketing. It was there that he set his sights on the healthcare industry, formulating a business plan to help individuals raise funds for their medical expenses. This plan is currently being developed into a full-scale, community-driven platform for everyone, including the working class, to take care of their healthcare needs.

This social venture is emblematic of Frank Harrison’s overall dedication to creating a better quality of life for those who need financial, social, and emotional support regarding healthcare. So too is his “Frank About Health” platform, created specifically to address epilepsy. Over the years Frank has used his titular radio show on Talking Alternative Network, his monthly column in the FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures), and a variety of other outlets to help erase the stigma surrounding what it’s like to live with a life-altering condition such as epilepsy.

“I think I can help those struggling with epilepsy and other health care issues that severely impact the quality of life. Instead of being defined by a disease, and having to hide behind a mask of normalcy, I want people to be able to be themselves and thrive.” – Frank Harrison, Removing the Masks of Epilepsy, FACES, March 2016

Frank is the first to acknowledge that there are a lot of moving parts that go into improving public perception and treatment of epilepsy. Whether he is working to empower sufferers to share their personal stories or drawing insights from healthcare professionals, he believes that opening up dialogues across the board can make a difference. Frank is also passionate about uncovering and analyzing groundbreaking treatment options for this debilitating disease.

Keep up with this blog to get Frank Harrison’s insights into epilepsy. For more information about his career spanning Financial Services, Entertainment, and New Media industries, head to his overview website.