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There are many famous and historical people who have suffered from some level of epilepsy in their lives. They are proof that epilepsy is not inherently debilitating. Many celebrities are able to thrive and continue to lead healthy and productive lives despite their battle with epilepsy. Here are four living celebrities who are thriving despite epilepsy.


Lil Wayne

In 2013, Lil Wayne came forward about his epilepsy after a series of seizures that happened on a music video set earlier that year. According to an interview that Lil Wayne had with a radio station, Power 106, his seizures were due to overworking himself and not giving himself time to recover. Lil Wayne has led a very successful music career despite suffering from epilepsy. His debut album reached Platinum status, he has hit the #1 spot on Billboard’s 200 and has even outshone Elvis Presley on the number of Hot 100 appearances he has had.


Danny Glover

Activist, producer, actor and dedicated humanitarian Danny Glover suffered from epilepsy in his early adulthood. Glover began having seizures at age 15 and soon learned the signs of an oncoming seizure. Despite struggling with epilepsy for 20 years of his adult life, he quickly became a distinguished actor and public figure. Glover was presented with a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Epilepsy Foundation in 2003, for his work in educating the public on acceptance of those with epilepsy.


Susan Boyle

Britain’s Got Talent sensation, Susan Boyle, suffered from epilepsy as a child. Her epilepsy was not fully understood in her childhood and was even misdiagnosed as brain damage. Despite her struggle with epilepsy as a child, Boyle went on to place second in Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. Boyle has gone on to sell more than 25 million records worldwide.


Dai Greene

At age 17, Dai Greene, a British athlete who has previously secured a gold medal in the World Championship for the hurdles, began battling epilepsy. He soon was able to recognize the triggers that caused his seizures and was able to take steps to prevent them. Dai Greene has competed in the Olympics and continues to compete on the national and world levels.


Susan Boyle, Danny Glover, Dai Greene, and Lil Wayne are all examples of how epilepsy does not need to stop you from pursuing your dreams. They each have found great success in their lives despite having lived with epilepsy and seizures during periods. Each one is living proof that you can thrive despite epilepsy.